Magnetic Resonance has opened a totally new possibility in medicine, not only for diagnosis but also for treatment. When the body is placed inside a pulsating magnetic field, we cause the magnetic component of each cell to resonate.


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My wife was diagnosed with MS in 2003. We tried everything in the medical field. Then just about everything in the alternative field. We eventually stumbled on raw foods, which we love. But until we stopped with the veggies, and started on the fruits, did we notice her energy getting better. The thing that helped the most from this point on Ernie's very powerful magnetic table. It works by cleaning out the...

In 2013 I was diagnosed with urogenital atrophy. It is very common in postmenopausal women due to the falling levels of estrogen. Later that same year, I had a surgery to remove an endometrial polyp from my uterus. Last year, in May 2015, I went to a gynecologist because I had symptoms of irregular menstrual cycles and he recommended testosterone therapy. That was it. I felt unhappy with some aspects of...

Hahaaaaaa! Docs freaked out. Sickle cells gone. She just came in at 6:00 am to tell me there are no more sickle shaped cells in my blood and that I don't have sickle cell decease anymore. Ernie's machine worked on sickle cell too. This means I can live a longer life! Till I'm old. Forever maybe if the tech comes out. I was broken and he fixed me. I can't wait to tell...

The proof I needed from your MRT was delivered today! Thank you. Three years ago I suffered a heart attack. At the time, my cardiologist told me that my next heart attack would be my last. My EKG at the time showed significant heart damage, I was given multiple prescriptions for blood pressure and heart damage. I immediately decided to NOT take statins. Instead, I changed my diet, exercise routine and...

This is Tom on Saturday (September 22, 2012) afternoon. I had the diagnostic rest done at the hospital and my liver shows clear. The radiologist wrote a report and the entire liver is clear of all lesions, which I attribute to you and your machine and knocking those lesions out. We are going back to Clearwater tomorrow so we will not see you on Sunday, but we will see you in...

First of all, I want to thank you. I am happy to have used your brilliant invention of the MRT. Three years ago, in 2009, I had considerable back pain. After the second session of MRT treatments the back pain went away. Recently, in May of 2012 I had the worst sciatic nerve pain of my life. Because of the pain, I came back to see Ernie. After three treatment visits using MRT therapy...