Magnetic Resonance has opened a totally new possibility in medicine, not only for diagnosis but also for treatment. When the body is placed inside a pulsating magnetic field, we cause the magnetic component of each cell to resonate.


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A few years ago, I had undergone hip replacement surgery for a third time. Third surgeries are by nature complicated and often not successful. After the surgery I managed to live with the pain. After having met Ernie I used the bed MRT for a month, two visits per week. I experienced relief from the MRT treatments.

A year later I was diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome. The doctor advised an operation for the condition. Instead of the surgery I went back to Ernie for MRT treatment. After four weeks of treatments the carpal tunnel discomfort was greatly reduced.

Recently I had undergone a cardiac evaluation. The stress test showed poor results. The ultrasound study showed a spot in the heart. From these results, the doctor ordered a cardiac catherization procedure. Six weeks prior to the hospital procedure I began the treatments again. After that, the cardiac catherization test reported a false positive. The meaning of which is there was NO problems with the heart.

Thank You Very Much, Ernie. Blessings.