Magnetic Resonance has opened a totally new possibility in medicine, not only for diagnosis but also for treatment. When the body is placed inside a pulsating magnetic field, we cause the magnetic component of each cell to resonate.


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Dear Ernie

I am happy to see that folks are reading and responding to your page. I like the comment that the person made—“this sounds almost too good to be truth, but I am telling the truth.” That’s how I felt years ago when I started using the MRT goggles and the “floaters” in my eyes disappeared after only a few sessions—plus, when went to use my rx glasses for nearsightedness—guess what? They were way too strong. My eyes returned to a better functioning status. This isn’t a miracle as far as I am concerned. It is science the results of which I have seen you demonstrate for years. I read an ad the other day put out by an ophthalmologist who does surgery in his office for floaters. I just had to shake my head. Just another example of how allopathic folks are back in the dark ages when it comes to their scope of practice. But then, this serves the profit margin and the fundamentalist religion of allopathy. I’ll write more later—as you know I have had many marvelous health enhancements as the result of time spent using MRT in your research lab. You are the real deal!